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The Story

Building wealth has never been as difficult as it is today. Interest rates are at an all-time low, inflation is at an all-time high and income is not matching the rising cost of living. Unsurprisingly, managing money is a huge source of anxiety for Gen Z, with 84% of young people feeling they weren’t financially literate and half of them feeling like they will never reach financial security. However, they are also the generation that’s most seeking out alternative forms of building wealth whether it’s side hustles, crypto investing, or watching finance experts on Tiktok.
A lot of young people we talked to felt there was a lot of information out there but it lacked the context of their financial situation and guidance on what tangible actions they should take.
Using all the capabilities that online technology can offer, we’ve built Quirk as a uniquely effective new solution to help Gen Z build wealth early, their way.

My Role

I’m currently the Co-founder and Head of Product at Quirk. I managed and collaborated with a team of 10 people to research, spec out our MVP, build and test our product.

The App

Quirk is a fully personalised app where Gen Z can learn about, track and grow their finances.

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Customer Feedback



Quirk started off initially as a consulting project in collaboration with Telefonica’s innovation lab. They loved our idea so much that they cut us our first cheque to make our concept a reality. That was our very first lesson as designers - how do we take our designs and turn them into a lucrative business? Over the course of the past few years, we’ve been continuously trying to solve that problem. We had to make some tough calls, constantly juggling design, tech, and business objectives. I’ve had to wear many hats from pitching to investors to designing our MVP and product managing our engineers. I learned how to hire and manage a scrappy team, get out of my comfort zone to market directly to our users on social media, learn the financial aspects of running a business and be customer support for our users. I’ve learned even with very few resources - we could do a lot in terms of delighting and engaging our users. It's been a privilege to witness the evolution of a mere idea into a tangible product that's now used by thousands of people.