I'm a seasoned end-to-end designer with over a decade of expertise in service and user experience design, alongside a strong product management background that enables me to design and collaborate effectively with engineering teams. I’m currently the Co-founder and Head of Product at Quirk, a fully personalised app for Gen Z, which demystifies finances for users to help them build financial literacy and manage their money better. Before Quirk, I was a lead designer at OpenTable in San Francisco, and prior to that the first design employee at Vungle (an ad tech start-up) where I helped build and scale their product, which got acquired at an $800 million valuation in 2019. I’ve also consulted for Jaguar Land Rover, Telefonica, Nations Trust Bank and Victoria’s Secret.

I am a strong advocate for pushing design process at the companies I’ve worked at, and I believe design is an equal stakeholder in the product design and business strategy process. I value creating an impact with my work and seeing it implemented, so I try to stay true to my customer needs. I'm passionate about combining new technology and design and solving the big problems and impacting change through organisations.

I am always looking for a new challenge, so please drop me a line if you would like to learn more.

Hi I’m Nafeesa Jafferjee (nafjaf) and I design experiences for software. I designed my first “app” at a telecommunications company in Sri Lanka before the era of the smartphone. At the time, the app functioned solely on text messages and was a way to keep track of your personal stock portfolio. I didn’t realize then I had stumbled into the world of user experience design that would later become one of my passions and shape my future career.

Since then I have worked at fashion and tech startups, a product design consultancy and I’m currently an experience designer at OpenTable, and design software experiences for front of house and back office restaurant operations. I have designed for both consumers and businesses and designed experiences for the web, mobile, wearables and the IoT. I strive to be the user champion for the end customer by using design thinking methodologies to create simple empowering experiences.

My skills include –  interaction design, rapid ideation and prototyping, user research, visual design, HTML/CSS & Javascript and basic animation. I am always looking for a new challenge, so please drop me a line if you would like to learn more.