Art & Prints

Art & Prints

The Story

In February 2017,  I created prints that I could sell to raise money for an American Civil Liberties Union fundraiser. Although my background is in fine art, I decided to experiment with a new medium and created a collection of gold foil prints that capture movement and being free. The event was very successful and I continue to make these prints and have outlined my process below.

Step 1 - Illustration

I started my project with creating black and white digital illustrations. I used dancers and figures jumping as inspiration, because I wanted to create a collection that embodies breaking free and persisting in difficult times. Below are my illustrations.

Step 2 & 3 - Laser Printing and Laminating

After creating my illustrations I printed them out in black and white using a laser tone printer, as the laser toner helps the gold foil stick to the artwork when I pass it through a laminator. Next I placed the gold foil over the print and slowly passed it through the laminator.

Final Result

After passing the paper through the laminator, Voila- I have a shiny gold print! Below is a framed version of one of my prints.